Manual chain hoist in aluminium


The manual chain hoists COMEPAL PMC ALU with galvanized chain or stainless steel allow a vertical lifting of heavy loads at the desired height. Light and resistant , they meet the current standards to bring greater security to users with minimal effort.

Technical specifications

Manual chain hoist robust and effective entirely built in aluminum.
Lifting capacity from 250Kg to 3T as standard.
1 fall up to 3T.
Load wheel and gears made on machine center.
High strength alloy steel load chain galvanized corrosion proof.
Double disk lifting brake.
Hooks with safety latch.
Powder coating RAL 7021.
Serial number on the chassis.
Delivered with CE certificate.


  • Low headroom trolley.
  • Different capacity and height.
  • Chain bag.
  • Load limiter.
  • Stainless steel hook and chain on request.