COMEGYSTEME aluminium hollow-section, overbraced wall jib cranes


Capacity / Span22.533.544.555.566.577.58
63 kg
80 kg
125 kg
160 kg
250 kg
320 kg  
500 kg
630 kg
1000 kg    
1250 kg        
1600 kg            
2000 kg              


Light construction.
COMEGYSTEME hollow-section, aluminum wall jib crane for indoor use, 180° rotation, with overbraced beam.
This type of jib crane cannot be motorized.
Horizontal and vertical reactions are understood to be under nominal load.
Attached with M24, 10.9 grade bolts (not provided).
RAL 1028 yellow finish for the attachment.
Hoist trolley provide.
Power supply cable provided.
Maximum hoisting speed = 16 m/min.


  • Lockable main switch.
  • Rotation slowing device (adaptable without welding or mechanical intervention).
  • Rotation stops to bolt.
  • Single or multipositions rotation lock.
  • Electric or manual hoist.