COMEGYSTEME hollow-section, overbraced pillar jib cranes with aluminum arm


CMU / Portée22.533.544.555.566.577.58
150 kg
250 kg
500 kg
1000 kg        
1600 kg                
2000 kg                    


Light construction.
* Standard underbeam clearance = 2,5 m, adjustable higher or lower, accordingly modifiying overall height measurement ; for clearance higher than 4m, contact us.
COMEGYSTEME hollow-section, aluminum pillar jib crane for indoor use, partial 270° rotation, with overbraced beam.
This type of jib crane cannot be motorized.
Theoretical deflection under nominal load = approximately 1/250th of the span + height, without exceeding 1/100th of the span in itself.
The Maximum Moment (MM) is given as rough guide and under nominal load.
Protection: polyester powder painting 60 microns C2 on pillar..
RAL 1028 yellow finish for the pillar.
Hoist trolley provide.
Power supply cable provided.
Maximum hoisting speed = 16 m/min.


  • Lockable main switch.
  • Installation template + anchor rods (or base plate for chemical anchors, keeping its limitations in mind).
  • Rotation slowing device (adaptable without welding or mechanical intervention).
  • Adjustable rotation stops.
  • Single or multipositions rotation lock.
  • Electric or manual hoist.