Stainless steel toolholder, overbraced light pillar jib cranes


Capacity / Span2345
50 kg
80 kg
100 kg

Stainless steel hollow-section, toolholder light pillar jib crane for indoor or outdoor use, partial 270° rotation, with overbraced beam.

  • Integral construction in 316L stainless steel
  • These jib cranes do not allow a hoist (only balancer, vacuum…)
  • Standard underbeam clearance = 3 m, adjustable higher or lower, accordingly modifying overall height measurement; for clearance higher than 4 m, contact us.
  • This type of jib crane cannot be motorized.

  • Protection: fine shot-blasting with stainless steel balls + high-pressure washing.
  • Packing under shrink film for transport by truck. Not suitable for sea freight.