Indexation of the tariff to the evolution of steel

From Monday 14th March 2022

Dear Customers,

As you may know, the raw materials markets have been under huge pressure since early 2022.

We thought, that we have suffered the worst situation during COVID crisis, but our supplies are disrupted again due to latest international events, mainly on steels and aluminum procurements, which are the basis of our manufactured equipment’s !

Prices have been soaring for a week: +40% in the past days, from 1000€/T last Friday, to 1150 €/T on Monday and 1400€/T on Wednesday…

Our TARIF 2022 was based on an average price of less than 1000€/T, then you may easily understand that we have to update our TARIF again.

However, we would like to keep submitting prices calculated as accurately as possible, including only purchase costs impacts, which will be adjusted every week positively or negatively, based on the previous week purchase costing.

From Monday 14th March 2022 :

  • Item Prices will be calculated individually per its own weight.
  • Only basic structures (steel , aluminum) will be adjusted. Options, accessories, hoists, transport remain unchanged.
  • The PRICE LIST COMEGE updated will be available every week for unloading from our website ( with your ID (please ask us if you need ID to access). An E-MAIL will be sent every Monday morning with the Price List to be uploaded.
  • PRICES will also be updated on our CONFIGURATOR on line (nota: make sure you ‘FINALIZE THE QUOTE’ after you’ve done a quote to keep the fixed price, otherwise the quote will be updated each time you’ll edit it)
  • Quote and Offer validity will be of ONE WEEK ONLY. Please make sure your Customers are aware of this current situation, as Prices can change from a week to another. In case of Purchase Order from an ‘out of validity Quote/offer’, the Prices will be automatically updated.
  • For special offers Out Of Price List, calculated from current purchasing cost, the validity will be also of ONE week. Quotation department may inform you about Tariff changes.
  • Regarding Quotes and Offers submitted prior to today and indicating a validity of 1 month or more, the New Validity becomes automatically 1 week, then latest next week end.

We indeed, understand that these difficulties might be hard to manage with final customers, but we feel confident that this is the most honest solution for all parties to face this current situation.

We do hope that we would come back to ‘normal’ raw material costs soon, in order to be able to apply again our 2022 PRICE LIST.

One more time, we thank you for your understanding, your professional behavior, and confidence, which will allow all together facing these challenges.

Your sincerily

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